Rabbittown Cafe & Fiddler's Hall

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Location900 Rabbittown Road
Piedmont, AL 36277
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The Café is in the old Rabbittown General Store which is well over a 100 years old. It holds many memories for folks in the area and they enjoy coming by and sharing stories with us of times gone by. Spare instruments lie on the shelf waiting for customers to pick them up and play, and we love it when folks sing for us. When the Fiddlers rosin up their bows and burn up the strings, you can’t help but move your feet. Come have fun with us.

Each Friday and Saturday (please see the coming events section of this website) starting around 4:00P.M. there are several types of dinners, deserts, and refreshments being served (please see the Menu section of this website) along with captioned music. After dinner various groups from the local area, and sometimes further away than that, will come and play for the audience. This does not mean just come, eat, and listen to the music. Everyone is invited and encouraged to bring along their instruments and/or voices and "JOIN IN" with the music.

The Rabbittown Cafe and Fiddlers Hall is owned and operated by Robbin and Noble Curlee. Its purpose is to retain and keep the traditions and music of this area as it was 50 - 100 years ago.

If there is a down side to it, there is no smoking alowed within the Music Hall. If you have the need to smoke, feel free to go out front and sit in the Rocking Chairs, or if the weather is not to your liken, you can sit on our covered back porch.
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